Specifying and Implementing Protective Coatings

One of the projects SOLO was involved in; The Picture Outlines most of SOLO's Activities and Product lines. e.g. Marine, Building, Flooring, Marking, Architecture, Specialties, and Protective Coatings.




The number of the direct work force is 40. Out of them, there are 5 chemical engineers and 7 related university disciplines.


Protective coatings from SOLO have been used in many large projects in Jordan and neighboring countries.


products are regularly tested by the Royal Scientific Society and independent official research



is specialty coatings manufacturing company based in Jordan, as a result of cooperation between the Jordanian partner and international partner "Solo Coating inc."

 Since 1991, long experience in Building,
Industry, Marine and special requirements in the Middle East.

Why SOlO

  • SOLO stand for your requests for: “protection, quality and service”

  • SOLO is highly specialized manufacturer and technical service provider. The number of direct work force is 20 out of them there are 5 chemical engineers, and 7 related university disciplines.

  • Beside the internal quality assurance department, products are regularly tested by the Royal Scientific Society.