is a specialty coatings manufacturing company based in Jordan, as a result of cooperation between the Jordanian partner and international partner “Solo Coating inc.” established in 1991. It is one of several integral companies that belongs to the TECHNICAL TEEM, a mother company involved in industrial investment and commerce.

SOLO has been established as a Jordanian company in 1991

It is an  integrative frame initiated by a team of creative, dynamic high caliber personnel, who had contributed their combined experience  (50 years ) with previous worldwide companies in the paint and coating technology through deferent activities i.e. manufacturing, application, and services for : Building, Industry, Marine and specialty requirements in the Middle East.

The company is based in Amman in two deferent locations. The first is occupying a 6500 square meters of land and about 4000 square meters of buildings used mainly as offices and warehouse. The second is located in Sahab Industrial Estate occupying a 3500 square meters of land and about 2800 square meters of buildings.The number of

The number of direct work force is 40. Out of them, there are 5 chemical engineers, and 7 related university disciplines. Protective coatings from SOLO have been used in many large projects in

Protective coatings from SOLO have been used in many large projects in  Jordan and neighboring countries.Beside the internal quality assurance department, products are regularly tested by

Besides the internal quality assurance department, products are regularly tested by the Royal Scientific Society, an independent official research and testing institution supported by world wide independent aid suppliers.


SOLO is active in the coating, waterproofing and specialty related products and consultation, including marine, decorative, industrial protective coatings, and industrial floorings.
SAS, i.e. sell a system which means: evaluation setting up specifications for products, application, site support and above all care of maintaining continuous fruitful business relation with others.
Up-grading protective coating industry.
Establishing suitable standards for the middle – east based on our high technical knowledge and experience about worldwide standards.
Contributing in protection, decorating, maintaining, all types of constructions, and utilize environment-friendly products.
Advice and guide our customers to optimize their investment while establishing running, maintaining, their productive assets.
Training and qualifying protective coating users.


We, due to our technical strength can specify, formulate a “tailor made” products to meet special demands.

Our strong command on chemical paint industry enables us to modify paint equipment produced by industrial masters to match and suit different purposes around the globe.

Due to our highly, sophisticated knowledge and experience we can meet all demands for protective, marine, building, and protective coatings, specially formulated to stand and protect valuable assets against all tear & wear conditions.

Our Jordan designed factory’s capacity of 200,000 US gallons per annum, of which at least 75%  are heavy-duty coatings in one working shift per day, is one of our tools to meet market demands.

Our staff has a very outstanding record of relations with their counter parts in, petrochemical, construction, marine, steel, mechanical, chemical, medical, food, industry, etc.